Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Simply Be Arndale Store Opening

So, last Thursday I went to the Simply Be store opening in Manchester. It was my first blogging/fashion event really and I was very nervous to go, to meet bloggers who I love and to meet the Simply Be staff. I took my friend Steph, and we both had a really good time. The store opening was a great event, Kim Marsh was there, with her fella, and I met some lovely bloggers, whose blogs I've loved for so long. I met Rachel, Stephanie and Rosie and I know it's silly but they were like little celebs to me, for people's clothes I've ogled on the internet, they were really lovely and friendly and just wanted to say a quick thanks for their openness! Anyway, the staff in the shop were lovely too which was great and were always offering help and chatting which gave the whole shop a friendly, feel. Me and my friend were fed with alcohol and canapés. I feel like I'm really gushing, but it really was a great event.
Onto the shop itself. The shop was really well laid out and looked really full with lots of different styles and trends going on. As you can see I was mostly drawn to this 'gothic' trend wall really with lots of studs, leather and skulls. The great thing about the shop is it seems proud to be a shop catering for all sizes, it's bright and airy and catches your attention as you walk by. It doesn't apologise for catering for bigger women, which I feel some high street shops do. It provides lots of different styles for all tastes and a great alternative to straight size clothes. I seriously could have bought all the clothes in there. I did buy a shirt, which is coming soon to a blog post near you, and I received a wonderful goody bag which was shown on Rachels blog, which satisfied my need to buy. For now anyway! I've already scanned the website and put lots of things on my wish list. I think this shop is going to be terrible for my savings.

I just want to say a big thanks to the Simply Be team who made the event very enjoyable and go very smoothly, and the other bloggers who were a pleasure to meet!

Gem xo


  1. It was lovely to meet you and I can't wait to see that shirt on you xx

  2. aaaw this looked like fun but too far for me to go, would have loved to meet everyone. Love all the prints they have at the moment x

  3. Wow everything looks so pretty and inviting! It definitely looks like a shop that's proud to cater to plus size ladies, unlike most who like to hide us in the shadows over in the back corner. Lol. That purple peter pan dress looks so cute. I wish there was a shop near me! xx