Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Top Rings

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Hello, and good evening. We're over Hump day, and as a little treat to myself I bought two rings from a little stall that was visiting work. It gave me inspiration for a little post centre around my jewellery. I thought I'd share my favourite rings with you, this week it's silver and in a couple of weeks (or whenever I pull my finger out and get round to it) I'll do a gold ring post. I love wearing lots of rings and people are always asking me where I get my rings from. Okay, saying ring this many times, and finger, is weirding me out a little bit. On with the show!

1. This is one of the beauties I picked up today and I think it might become my favourite ring. It's sterling silver with a turquoise polished stone. It was the last one the man had and I can see why, it's so pretty. Unfortunately I have to wear it on my ring finger as it's the only one that fits properly soooo, it might be unlucky, as well as warding off potential suitors. But what you can't see is the pretty, intricate cut out detail on the sides. It really is very pretty.

2. This is a cheap ring I picked up in Brighton. As you can see it's not silver but it does hold a lot of memories for me as I picked it up on my 21st weekend when I was visiting from Snoopers Paradise in the lanes. I'm thinking about painting some clear nail varnish on the inside so it doesn't keep turning my fingers green.

3. This was one of the first rings I got and it really set me off into making a bit of a ring collection for myself. My mum bought it for me from M&S. It's a bit of a statement piece and I know not everyone likes it but I think it always looks lovely and simple when worn.

4. The third blue stoned ring in this set. I bought this from Pia one of my favourite shops for rings. They do really pretty and special rings. This rings a bit big for me and always flies off. Again, it's sterling silver, but has opaline set in it instead of turquoise. I think this ring is very pretty and one of the more feminine rings I own. It looks great with bright coloured nail varnish that brings out the different colours in the stone.

5. The is the last ring, and again one I picked up today. It's black onyx and again is set in a great detailed sterling silver ring. It's very large and fits my middle finger, and is quite bulky too, a bit like wearing a knuckle duster. But as a big fan of black, I like the stone and think it's a bit different from the other precious stone rings that you can buy. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post, and have a lovely week! 

Gem xo


  1. I love rings and I've decided recently I need to improve my collection! These are all so pretty :) The turquoise ones are my fave!