Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mum's Wants of the Week

It's my mother's birthday on Tuesday, and my Dad's taking her away to York for a couple of days to have a little break. I hope the snow stays off and doesn't scupper their plans it'll be really upsetting. Anyway, my mum needs some presents to open whilst she is there. So I've compiled a little book of what I think she'll like and most of which I've bought her or a variation on it.

1. Cookery Book (The Great British Bake Off) - ASDA £10
My mum and I love cooking and baking. So any cookery book would be a good idea. She bought me this for Christmas but she keeps stealing it off me so I thought one of her own would be a good idea. I've actually bought her Lorraine Pascale's book. She really likes her show and her cook book looks simple and easy enough to follow, and was a variation of the baking book. I think she'll like it anyway. This is a surprise too so I hope she likes them!

2. The Lion King Broadway Show - Manchester Palace Theatre from £22 - £75.
We've always loved going to the theatre, so when I saw this was coming I knew my mum would love it. It looks so good, has always had good reviews and since its in Manchester it means its a bit cheaper for us to go as it's only down the road. I bought my mum two tickets. And I'm going to heavily hint that if she wants to she can take me with her.

3. Leather Bracelet - Pandora £45
My mum liked leather bracelets and friendship bracelets. She's picked this out before so she'll love this. I have the brown one, but I love the black and silver one for her as I think it'd go with her closet a bit better.

4. Ghost Perfume Set - Boots/ Superdrug £20
My mums favourite perfume is Ghost, and we haven't bought it for her since last Mothers day so she needs some more really. So when I saw a Ghost gift set that was reduced in store I made my brother buy it for my mum. Its nice to indulge her sometimes.

5. Chocolates & Flowers - Anywhere
I think the ultimate present for Mums is chocolate and flowers. So Ive picked up some of these Lindor chocolates but instructed my Dad to buy some flowers for her when they're away as a surprise.

I hope she likes her presents as my Mums quite hard to buy for. Wish me luck!

Gem xo


  1. I'de love a lindor choccy to go with my tea now mmmm I think buying tickets is a good idea especially if you get to spend time together x