Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shopping Ban - Week 1

Day 10 of the shopping ban, I'm a fifth of the way in and surprisingly I haven't been wanting to buy that much really. I did a massive clear out of my room this week. I mainly focused on clearing out my wardrobe, and I found lots of old gems that I can restyle, including maxi skirts which can be turned into on trend pencil skirts and t-shirts which are always good wardrobe basics. Finding old, unworn clothes is just as good as buying new ones right!? I think I'll find it a bit harder as the seasons change and I'll want to buy and wear summer items. But for now I'm all good and I feel confident in my non-spending abilities. These items above are the only things that I've been seriously tempted by so far...

1. Dr Martens Boots (as featured in last weeks post)
After writing that post I ebayed some cheap black pairs but luckily I couldn't really find any. I really wanted some black ones to wear with dresses and tights in the snow. With them being black, they would just go with everything. Luckily, the snow has all melted so I don't have the urge to buy them now.

2. Essie Nail Polish
I've used up all my Nails Inc Basil Street and need a new nude nail varnish. I've been making do with reds and blacks whilst we're still in winter but again, as the seasons change I'll gravitate toward lighter, pastel shades. I'm not a massive fan of Essie nail varnish, as you can always get the same colour from an alternative, cheaper brand. But I really like this shade and can't really see it anywhere else.

3. ASOS Curve Dress
I have plenty of dresses, especially in the skater style, but I think this dress is lovely. I like how it's slightly loose as well and falls like a babydoll dress. The colours are pretty too and it will carry through to spring. I hope when this shopping ban is over it will have gone into the sale. So if any representatives from ASOS are reading, all I'm saying is, 40 days. Just throwing that out there. 

That's all for now anyway! I've had a productive day on the blog front so some new posts will be coming soon, including some outfit posts! 

Gem xo


  1. 10 days is awesome, you're so disciplined! I love the black doc martins :)

  2. Love the dress and I've always wanted a pair of DMs. Very impressed by how well you're doing with your shopping ban! xx