Tuesday, 6 March 2012

All That Glitters.

Hello again!

I just really put this outfit together so I could show off the new boots I blogged about two weeks ago! I know, I know its terrible but I'm single and when running errands I always try to look my best, I never know who is going to be at the Post Office. Maybe Ryan Gosling, or Micheal Fassbender... mmmm... Okay I digress, but a girl can dream right?

As I've posted before I love button down shirts. This is the prettiest one I own. It is sequined all the way down the buttons. And looks great with a pleather skirt and heels for a night out. Because it's white it does go with everything. Here I threw on this black lace top over the top to make it a bit more casual but my black H&M one would have done too. 

The boots! I'm so surprised at how much they don't hurt my feet. Granted they're not the easiest to walk or drive in but they stood the test of time. I have quite weak ankles after spraining them at numerous festivals (falling over in the mud, over tent wires) but I reckon if your ankles were made of stronger stuff you'd be able to walk in them much, much better than I can. 
I didn't wear a necklace as I thought it would be too much with the bountiful sequins on display. But I did wear a silver long ring that was a present and my other little rings. Luckily the sequins are both silver and gold so I can mix the metal of the jewelry up.

What do you think about gold and silver jewelry together, yay or nay?

I have a lot of posts queued but I'm trying to spread them out a bit so I don't bombard you all at once with my outfits. So expect lots more clothes!

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Top - Very.co.uk
Shoes - Office
Rings - Pia, vintage & M&S

Gem xo


  1. Cute blog!
    Love the top and boots. ^^d

  2. haha I do the same thing, I work in a library with lots of hot students so never go to work without 'putting my face on' so vain of me!
    Love those little rings x

  3. Your blog is amazing, new follower 4 sure..
    I want everything your wearing...yet, I live in California...so I might have to go online if anything..