Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wants of the Week #7

Afternoon everyone :)

Isn't it lovely in the UK!? I walked my dog this morning (wait for it) without a coat! Oh the excitement. Seriously though, it is so pretty and it just reminds me of Spring. I've had a bit of a spring clean this morning moving everything in my room around. I've moved my mahoossive dolls house out of my room, for the first time since I was little. It's now in the front room. I've had it ever since I was about 6/7, and my Grandad made it for me, so it is very special to me. In my outfit posts you'll see the corner poking out. I haven't played with it in days years, but it really is cluttering my room. When I move out, I'm sure my parents will have it right back in. 

I went off on a tangent there, but what the departure of the dolls house means is now I have a clear wall to take outfit posts against. 

Onto what I want this week (except my childhood back, apparently)

1. Sheer Striped top - New Look £19.99
I really like this top, but I think its too much like a winter tee, but I love the sheer stripes, I just wish it was brighter coloured. So I will refrain from buying it, but I do have my eye on the skull print top on the website. I feel like sizing it up a couple sizes, wearing it as a dress with leggins. 

2. Hi-top Pumps - Converse from £38 
I need to get out of my black heeled boot rut that I have unexpectedly fallen into. I think for spring/summer these white pumps will help me make the transition. Plus I find converse, so comfy. When I used to run up and down stairs in my last job they took the pressure off of my joints so I wasn't aching when I got home. I think the Grandma in me wrote that last sentence, but what a funky Grandma! Young 'uns still say 'funky', right?

3. L'emperatrice Perfume - D&G 100ml from £35
As you'll have seen from the Valentina scent I listed not long ago, I like lighter fragrances. This one (I won't try to spell it again) is lovely and fresh, having notes of kiwi, the perfume lady told me. It did last on me too all day when I tried it in store, which I is another selling point for me.

4. 8 Hour Cream - Elizabeth Arden from £10
I've priced this in lots of places as I have dry patches on my skin. The cheapest I've found it is in TK Maxx: 50ml for £14.99! But I've seen the 30ml for a tenner. On Cheap smells it's even cheaper so I reckon I'll get it from there. I use it on the dry patches, and nowhere else on my face and they usually clear up in a day or two. It really is a great moisturiser.

5. Moustache Ring - River Island £6
I can never get enough of rings as you probably know, and this morning I found a box I thought I'd left in London/Brighton and it has ones that have been bought as presents. I nearly wept with relief when I saw the box! Anyway this would be a fun addition to my ring collection. There are some even funner ones on Etsy too!

6. Stripe Dress - ASOS Curve £35
Love this dress from ASOS, it would look great with the converse and a light cardigan in the day or wedges/black heeled boots for night time. I'm always looking for simple timeless pieces. I think the stripes on this are lovely.

Anyway, hope everyone has a sunny weekend. I have a recent buys post on the way tomorrow with some goodies I mentioned earlier in the week, if you're interested. I'm off to do more spring cleaning and see if I can find anything else I thought I'd lost. Fingers crossed, I lose a lot of things unfortunately!

Gem xo


  1. ooo nice choices! and spring..can`t wait!
    it`s been so rainy and gloomy in japan lately
    but they said 19C for next week <3 hoorraaaay!!!
    \^^/ MMxoxo

  2. Love that ASOS curve dress. You're right, its a classic!