Sunday, 4 March 2012

Recent Buys#3

It's no Glasto, but I am going to V Festival this year. Hopefully it will fill the void, as Glastonbury isn't on this year. Last year I went, and I doubt any festival will compare, I'll probably be sat saying 'That's not how Glastonbury does it...' throwing my toys out of the pram.

Nah, I'm kidding I am so excited I'm going, can't wait to see The Stone Roses, Ed Sheeran, Friendly Fires, Noah & The Whale, many moreee and mostly Tom Jones. I'm going to throw a pair of not so little knickers at him on stage. 

This is the only thing I've bought this week as it was super expensive. It's probably the only holiday I'll have this summer, and it's really got me thinking about summer outfits. I'm thinking light weight fabrics, long dresses, oversized t shirts worn as dresses, see below!
I'm still sticking to dull tones and neutrals, nothing too bright. But, especially for a festival, I want to keep the rock vibe. 

Anyway hope everyone had a lovely week, and is looking forward to summer 

Gem xo

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