Friday, 30 March 2012

Nine to Five.

I can't get over the fact it's still March. I'm sorry I should turn my blog into a weather blog. That's all I seem to yap on about.

Anyway, as you know I've been going for interviews for jobs. (Yet to be employed but still trying my damned hardest) I have two outfits that are my go to, a white shirt buttoned up and a pencil skirt for very formal interviews, and this outfit for less formal. I like to feel comfortable when I'm at my most nervous and apprehensive and having go to outfits that I feel good in are the safest bets.

I showed you this George @ ASDA dress not too long ago and this is what it looks like on. I was so surprised at how smart it actually looked on in the end. And I love the bright colour of the dress and the 50's collar and style that it has, including an A-line skirt which you can't see in this photo. The poppy print is also lovely for summer and this dress would be lovely to go out for drinks in the sun with bare legs and pumps. It is a little bit longer than these photos are letting on too, so its just about my knees.
I popped this jumper over the top and belted it in to create an hourglass figure. Channeling my inner Christina Hendricks (sexiest woman I ever did see). 

As always, red nail varnish and the headband/necklace of dreams for good luck. I popped my hair in a low bun and I also wore the red floral ring which almost matches the print on the dress. Loveeely.

This was a scheduled post by the way, trying to up my outfit posts to make my blog a bit more reliable and personable. Back from visiting my friend, some outfit posts on the way from the two days I spent in Leeds with ma friendz, soaking up the rays. Yes I do have them, shockingly. 

Dress - George @ASDA
Jumper - H&M
Rings - Pia, vintage, charity shop
Necklace - DP
Tights - Tesco
Boots - DP

Gem xo


  1. I love the poppy print on that dress :) Asda have had some really nice things in lately!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. Love your dress Gem, the poppy print is so fab! I really like how you styled this outfit girlie! :) x

  3. The print on this dress is amazing! Like the pairing with the jumper too! x

  4. Yes I have just done a bit of stalking, if you hadn't have said that this was the George dress I don't think I would have recognised it. You look fab in it :)