Thursday, 29 March 2012

Here Comes The Sun

Look a change of scenery, I bet you thought I never leave my room! 

Taking full on advantage of this sun. I'm even writing this post sat in the garden. And boy do I need it! I'm as white as the waistcoat. Oh dear me. I do like being pale, and I don't really have a love of tanning, but after seeing these photos I do need some Vitamin D I think. I'm just wearing a big hat or a tea towel over my face to stop it burning as my face burnt reduces people to tears from laughing so hard. My shoulders burn quite badly too, to the point of blistering/prickly heat. So I threw this lace cover up on. I've been taking full advantage of the sun, going out to the waterside in to sit and eat food and drink pints in the sun, sitting in the garden, and visiting my friend in Leeds tonight for eats and drinks in the sunshine! I don't usually have a social life at all.

Anyway, you've seen this dress before about a year ago I'd say. It's an old maxi dress but I do love how flattering it is. It makes me look longer and statuesque (and like my legs go up to my tits!!) The print is all paisley and I love how tiny the pattern is. I reckon it'd look great in tribal print. I'm also not a huge lover of green but don't mind this dark green, always trying to incorporate colour into my wardrobe It's the comfiest maxi dress I own, and when I wear it out I don't have to check how I look every twenty minutes because I know its still fitting me just right.
I dressed it up with this gold collar and a chunky gold bangle. Which makes the outfit a little bit more interesting, and also gives it a tribal edge. Which is one of the trends I love in summer.

Have you gotten back into the maxi dresses yet?

Dress - old DP
Cover up - old DP
Necklace - Charity shop
Bangle - vintage mums.
Sunglasses - Primark.

Gem xo


  1. love the little lace cover up, hadn't thought of something like that to cover my shoulders. Looking lovely!

  2. I adore the lace cover up! And the shades are great!