Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wants of the Week #4

 With summer on the way I've been thinking of injecting more colour into my wardrobe. And why not jump in feet first with colour blocking, I say!?

1. Orange Dress - Dorothy Perkins £27 
Burnt orange is a lovely colour, and I have a shirt from DP in the same colour. This would be lovely for summer evenings.

2. Green Pencil Skirt - Dorothy Perkins £19.50
I also love the petrol blue version of this, which I think I'd wear more, the blue version is in the sale. And as you know I'm a sucker for sale items.

3. Gold Collar - Dorothy Perkins £16
Okay, okay, I have an unhealthy obsession with Dorothy Perkins. But they do have clothes and accessories that are so easy to wear! This collar will go with everything, I have tried it on, but I can't justify 16 pound for it, even if it will go with everything.

4&5. Cambridge Satchels - Cambridge Satchel Company £74 (on the site)
These are lovely bags, and the company is championed by some big stylish celebs, such as Alexa Chung. I think these bags would be a great way to bring colour into my wardrobe. Red is my favourite colour, but I can't help but love this mustard/yellow one too. 

6. Purple Boots - ASOS £45
I love ankle boots with  heel, and these are great for summer. I'm not sure what I'd wear the purple colour with, maybe some bright jeans, like my next want?

7. Yellow Jeans - ASDA £10
At a tenner, what a steal!? I heard coloured jeans could only be worn by petite people. But I want them! So I don't care.

Gem xo

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  1. I'm obssessed with the peter pan collar.... did you try it? How it looks?