Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wants of the Week #28

This is a bit of a wintery feel to it, I didn't realise when putting it together, just now. It really is cold at the moment! 

1. Skirt - New Look Inspire £12.99
This tube skirt is a bit of a short pencil skirt really. I love the deep colour and the cable knit too. Its really wintery and will look lovely with a black sheet shirt and thick tights for a casual look.

2. Lola Perfume - Marc Jacobs £63 for 100ml 
I actually picked this up in work, a man comes in and sells the full size bottles. But I really like this perfume, it's another great fragrance from Marc Jacobs. I don't like Dot or Oh Lola, I think they're a bit too sweet but this one is a bit more heavy and grown up. A great winter fragrance.

3. Snood - Topshop £18
I'm a big fan on snoods and always pick up a couple every winter. I like this one though as it will go with all the colours I love to wear in winter including dark read, black, white and blue/purple. It's very pretty and feels really warm too, I'm just holding back for a Primark similar version as £18 for a scarf is a bit too much for cheapskate old me.

4. Advent Calender - Ciate at Selfridges £38
I am a cheapskate but I do think this set is worth it. It's a nail advent calendar and it's been featured on quite a few blogs now, I really want one though. I think it's a great idea and will offer the chance to try out different nail colours that I maybe wouldn't really try. As well as that it has some lovely nail caviar in there and some glitter polish. This looks like a great treat for fashion and beauty lovers.

5. Love/ Hate Ring - Topshop £6.50
Everyone needs a ring where you can subtly tell people how you really feel about them by turning a disc. No? I think it's cute anyway!

6. Coat - ASOS Curve £90
Ahhhh perfect coat alert! Seriously. I've been looking for a leather and material coat for a couple weeks now and then ASOS released this one. It is perfect. I know I keep saying that but look at it! I have looked at this every day whilst freezing at the bus stop. Should I just take the leap and buy it?

Gem xo


  1. Replies
    1. I love snoods at the moment, much easier than scarves that neve rhang right. Love that one too, looks nice and chunky x

  2. I'm currently loving this coat too. I'm going to have to order it, just to stop myself obsessing!! X

  3. Wow love the idea of the nail polish advent calendar. I may need to look in to that! xx