Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Brown Paper Bag

So like all bloggers, I love Topshop boots, and I am no exception to this rule. I am also no exception to the love of Zara bags rule. The majority of bloggers love a good Zara bag, they're practical, but simple and usually very easy to wear and use. So I've been lusting after this cute roll up bag for a while now. I love the way it looks like a brown paper bag, and is so simple. It has a few compartments in the inside, for phone and keys, and can fit in a few make up items, a purse and a small perfume before it looks ready to burst! It's perfect for summer teamed with a pretty denim shirt and dress, and I'm looking forward to wearing it out!  The only thing is, it's one of the smallest bags I've had for a while and I'm over filling it so it won't roll down. But that's my fault and I'm learning to travel light! But I've added it to my little Zara bag collection and I have no regrets. Now all I need is that orange one I featured in my birthday wish list! 
Bag - Zara

Gem xo

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