Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tempting Fate

I took these photos last weekend on the bank holiday when it was super hot and sunny. So I think I tempted fate as at this particular moment in time it is pissing it down outside my window. I feel like sometimes all I do is wonder what I can wear that will cover all seasons. This morning I left the house without a coat or umbrella. Silly me. For this reason, tomorrow I am filling my bag and car with different weather appropriate shoes, a couple of jackets should the temperature drop and I need to layer, and three umbrellas, well just for the fun of it all really. Major white whine going on here! Anyway when we had that glorious summer (two whole days) I managed to wear my old favourite. I have shown this dress before but I accessorised it differently with a cropped cardigan and boots. This time I wore a cute lace crop top to add some different texture to the outfit, bare legs, and pretty sandals. I've had these sandals years and they're still going strong. But I do need to buy some more. I do think I'll shop at New Look as they offer a great selection and good prices. And they have some really pretty ones on the website! Anyway I think this will be my outfit of choice when the sunny days come rolling in, so expect to see a few more midi t-shirt dresses and sandals if the temperature gets warmer!
Dress - Evans
Top - Primark (Old)
Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - Gift
Sandals - New Look

Gem xo


  1. You look so pretty! I love the colour of the dress, and it looks so good with the top :) xx

  2. loving the colour combination! The pattern on the lace is really pretty!
    You look great! :D