Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wants of the Week #36 Birthday Special!!

So it's my birthday in a couple of weeks. And I may be jumping the gun a little bit but I've put together a little list of things I would like for presents. So if anyone is reading and thinks 'Ooh she deserves a present, I love her.' Then good new! Because I've put together a little gift guide, all for Gemma. 

1. Summer Perfume - Stella £40 (Debenhams or Boots)
Stella has fast become one of my favourite perfumes and a signature scent of mine. I love that it's a simple rose feminine scent and people always ask what it is. So when I heard there was a Summer version I had to ask for it! It's a good price (£40 for 100ml) and the bottle looks so pretty on a dressing table. Me and my mum went spritzing and smelling yesterday, and it's between this, and the Marc Jacobs summer fragrance. Whilst they're very similar I think I prefer this one. I also managed to pick up my other signature summer scent which is Floral by Paul Smith. I really struggle to get hold of it. So if anyone knows where they have large stocks of it let me know!

2. Orange Bag - Zara £22.99
I love this bright orange bag. It's so not me! I usually go for a black or tan bag. As they're so versatile and go with anything. But I'm super in love with this bright colour. I think the price is really good too, and I love the fact it has little handles and a long strap as well. The zip is great for me as I'm forever getting told off for buying bags that gape open. So yes please I would like this orange bag that is not what I would usually go for at all.

3. iPad Mini - Apple £269 
I love Apple products. I'm not afraid to say I have bought into the massive hype and hysteria surrounding these products. But I would love an iPad. I think it would be great to use it just purely for pleasure and use my mac as my business tool such as job applications and blog things. This is the dream. But I could never ask my parents to buy me an iPad though as they're very extravagant so this may be a present I buy for myself! But I'm a right stinge so this may stay a dream for a long time coming.

4.  iPad Case - Nordstrom £40.31
Look at this case! It goes perfectly with my bright orange bag. I'm really drawn to these bright colours at the moment. Perfect for summer picnics for my dream iPad. Again this is a dream present so it may have to stay a fantasy.

5. Dress - ASOS Curve £35
Every girl needs a perfect birthday dress. And this wrap dress is lovely. The wrap dress is very flattering on me with the low cut neckline and the cinched in waist it draws attention to all the right places, if you catch my drift ;) (Sorry didn't mean to go to creepy, but I think I crossed the line). I like the long sleeves and the green colour is something that is yet to grace my wardrobe. I'm definitely leaving photos of this around my house waiting for my mother to pick up on the massive hint!

6. Ring - Pandora Around £90
I can't find this ring on the site anymore but Pandora do offer a great range of pretty rings. I went to Bygone Times in Wigan with my mum yesterday looking for a piece of pretty, reasonably priced jewellery that I can get as a special present. But there wasn't anything I liked. But Pandora always offer pretty rings that everyone can get, I love the sterling silver ones in particular but they have a great range to suit everyones taste.

Also want to say, Happy Birthday to anyone else who shares the same birthday month as me, and what are you getting for your birthdays!

Gem xo

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  1. Great list! I'm also in love with that orange bag! It's amazing and such a fab price!
    Happy Birthday in advance :D