Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Ever since I saw the feather nails that Nails Inc were producing with their new ranges I feel in love. I do like a bit of nail art. But like everything else I like it to be simple and easy (and lazy!) So using my favourite Barry M Gelly Blue nail varnish and a few coats of the feather polish it creates a really pretty nail that gets people complimenting. There are quite a few combinations but I love this blue and peach colour. Perfect with a blue dress and really on trend with the pastel theme. They're not that hard to take off despite hearing other bloggers say so, and as seen in a recent Wants of the Week I already have my eye on the other colours!! This time tomorrow I will be waiting for Beyonce! I actually can't believe it. Doing a little wee in excitement.
Gem xo

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  1. Love this. They look so pretty! I hope you have a great time seeing Beyonce; my sister went last week and loved it! xx