Saturday, 18 August 2012

Max it Out

I've queued this post, but blogger messed up so you may have already seen it, so apologies! Which I'm a bit bummed about. Anyway I'm at V festival this weekend but want to keep the momentum of my blog up so I made this post. Hopefully I can impress you all with stories of my mud wrestling and performing on stage with Tom Jones when I get back! ;)

Anyway, it's been pretty close and muggy, then thunderous and raining. So I've really not known what to wear. But when it's warm I want to wear simple clothes. Like maxi skirts. This one, which is having an identity crisis as it can't decide wear to sit and whether to be maxi or midi, is a great lightweight one I picked up from a charity shop not long ago for £3. It can be worn high waisted too which is great when I want to throw on an over sized crop top such as this one. It makes me look tall, which I am and my legs look super long, which is always nice. I belted the top to give myself a bit of definition. To go out in it I would wear my denim jacket to finish it off. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend anyway!

Skirt - Charity Shop
Top - New Look (old)
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - The Lanes in Brighton

Gem xo

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  1. Oooh hope you enjoy the festival!:D Loving your outfit you look fab! Now following..looking forward to reading a post all about the festival;) xx