Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Festival Look

Boots | Cuff | Vintage Denim Jacket | Rings | Dress


I'm off to V this weekend! And I've put a few looks together for my typical festival look. I think the main thing at festivals is to feel comfortable in what you're wearing, but not to take too much as you'll just regret carrying it all.  Whether you're drinking next to your tent or dancing in the fields, I think being comfortable is key. This is the shortest festival I've been to, it's only on for two/three days usually the festivals I've been to before I'm already set up on the Wednesday night, so its a bit of a luxury to me to not have to carry more stuff. 

I've gone for my typical look I think, quite simple, but with a rock edge. It's not a rock festival but I don't mind! I'm wearing darker colours that won't look as messy if it's muddy and light fabrics so I don't mind walking and dancing around all day in them. I'm going to take my leather jacket and a lightweight foldable rainproof poncho for if we're doomed to a rainy weekend. Wellies are a must, but for comfort and to keep cool if it's warm I'm taking a pair of old converse to throw on. 

I sometimes wish I could pull off the cute crop top and dirty jean shorts that is the typical 'festival look' but then again, do I really want to look like everyone else there!? 

Anyway, I have a few posts queued so everyone have a lovely weekend!

Gem xo


  1. These are fab festival outfits! Really sum of the whole feel of a festival.
    Hope you have an amazing time :D



    1. this is very much like what I will be wearing to Reading :) hope the rain stops x