Wednesday, 22 August 2012

V 2012


This took a little longer than expected to get up but here is my great weekend at V festival! In all honesty I wasn't looking forward to this festival. I was being a bit snobby and thinking 'Oh it'll never match up to Glasto' which I loved last year, I know a lot of idiots go and people who are a bit chavvy. But I can honestly say if you're up for a laugh and don't take yourself seriously V is such a good short festival. It's full of people of all ages, no music snobbery and there is every opportunity to dance to any type of music! I will always go to a music festival open and without a closed mind.

I saw a lot of music acts, as the arena is so small to walk around, it's great just being able to catch people ten minutes apart. But my favourite act was Ben Howard, who you can see up there in one of the photos. His music is amazing and I'd urge anyone to go and see him. The Killers were great too as was the brilliant Tom Jones, and the Stone Roses.

What I wore over the weekend was basically the same sort of thing both days, except it was too muggy to wear my leather jacket as planned and just threw on a poncho when it rained. I took simple jersey dresses, leggings and small cover ups. I wore my red wellies as it was too muddy for anything else and my big leather bag. 

I had a great weekend and definitely have the post festival blues! I'm jealous of anyone going to Bestival and Reading/Leeds these up coming weekends! Hope anyone who is going enjoys them.

Gem xo

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